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Default Gag Mangas

Good Comedy Mangas like the Lucky Star 4Panel shure you all know but there are lots of other "Gag-Slice of life" Mangas, like ...

nothing for art-maniacs, since the style is ... primitive
but the story and the gags make up for that without a problem
Its the Story of Girl-Gang Boss Saya and her Knitting loving Boyfriend, Problem is, if anyone finds out about their Relationship, she Promised to Kill him and herself. With that, there is just no way not to get into trouble ...

Mangaka-san to Assistant to
About a Pantsu-loving Mangaka always running wild without any common sense surrounded by Girls wich, more or less, try to help him out ... sometimes

Yandere Kanojo
Like Onidere but also not, theyre a known as a couple but there is still enough to dont have it easy

Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki
A Guy with a Crush on his older Stepsister, that alone isnt that big of a problem, its her Personality ... That sadistic Redhead is flirting, deceiving, and humiliating him at every single chance she can Get, she is happy as long as she can pull Pranks on him

Otomari Honey
Often easily mistaken for a Harem, its not ...
When Yukino found out, the Boy she likes is living with three unrelated Girls, she, as the Iinchou, cant just stand beside that and watch, so she had to Join ...

Think of it as, what would have happened to Chobits Chii, if it wasnt that country bumpkin who found her but a Doll-Otaku who loves nothing more than to Dress up Dolls ...
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