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*Walks in holding awkwardly large wrench*
Right i got told to come here to bully some people
*sees Aenonar and drops wrench*
You know what i have better stuff to do
*Leaves room*
*Re-enters room*
Forgot my wrench....
Biting is Excellent, It's like Kissing, Only there's a Winner

Sometimes to see the light, you have to jump into the depths of darkness itself...
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Originally Posted by Isaac0 View Post
Set, Aeno never bashed us, atleast not in this thread, so i got no clue where that final part comes from :\
Originally Posted by Aenonar View Post

You're all well aware of how much cheating and abuse you're doing behind our backs, or trash talking about me behind my back, including the theft and distribution of Basher 2.0. I know very well that you're still doing it, but you still demand my help even with your hands dirty.

Think about your own actions and behavior before you even think about complaining, especially about such stupid things like a sticky status.
This specific part. AFAIK the all refers to BW clan or the people from BW posting in this thread, which includes me anyway, and I'm pretty sure I never did anything like that.

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That was directed towards everyone actually

Rawr. Me smash you die.
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I have to agree with Udon.... instead of having like 30-40 guides sticky, you can make a list/index for guides(well detailed and useful ones) that will help them find all they want in a single post rather than skimming through the pile of irrelevant threads also the List will always remain on top :P
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