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Default Pain's Gameplays

Well guys, i just did a youtube channel some time ago.

Here's the link to it :

Unfortunately for most of you guys, the videos are in portuguese, but, i plan to do some gameplays in english, if any of you want to participate in them and have the games i have (Farcry 3, DayZ or any other free game in steam) just give me your skype and steam nickname so we could play together while i record it commenting in english or if you don't want to get recorded, we could just have fun!

My equipments are not the best i know... i have a microsoft lifechat x5000 as my headset, and i think it's good for now.

The link is also on my signature. Thanks for checking the link! Comment below what you think! *rhyme*
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P4in's Gameplays
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Hey sorry i didn't respond to you sooner. We don't subscribe to other channels with our channel otherwise i would of subbed sorry. As for steam no I dont have steam haha.
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