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Default Game Font/BG/Skins

Imh, the LIGHTEST POSSIBLE SHADE OF GREY ON WHITE background is F^ hard to read and hurts my eyes. MyTeam pages are especially brutal. I can't seem to find anything on changing the layout colors so that the game doesn't force me to squint with my face a foot from the screen. If it already exists, point me out please? Otherwise, please add.
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Umm... Actually it's more like violet on pink... Sure it's might be a bit hard at times but all the important stuff is pretty easy... I'd guess that there's something wrong with your computer or screens color settings, or maybe even some color blindness or something like that :>

There's no way to change the colors though.. And I'd imagine that it would need serious rework to change/add more options which I doubt would ever happen...

I recommend messing with your computers color settings. I think there's a way for the browser to replace certain text colors as well which might help.

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