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Default MyTeam Grief

While running IE, I cannot hover over items/skills in the MyTeam sections. I can unequipe items, but cannot equip them. Same for equipping/unequiping ninjas.

While running Firefox, I cannot properly do WolrdMap things consistently. Many times I try to check Items/Abilities for example it takes me to home page (and loads home page wrong). I equipe/unequip items/ninjas, but sometimes it wont even let me select a different ninja for the item changes/lvl updating.

I actually have an unequipped ninja on my team atm because I can either select him but not change item, or I can change item but never be able to select him to get there. Is NinjaManager built for Chrome or something? It sucks on IE and FF.
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I have the same problem with IE. Don't use it anymore. Chrome is the best option for you. Use it wisely. About Firefox? I don't know I'm using Firefox (and Chrome) and I don't have problems.


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Yep FF lags for me too quite a lot.I cant equip an item to my ninjas and i have to refresh two to three times to work.I dont really care actually since for my main team i use opera and its quite awesome.

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It works perfectly fine on firefox

Nothing works fine on IE

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Obviously it doesn't work perfectly fine on FF, or I wouldn't have said what I did. I installed the latest FF last week since I mostly use IE. Is there addons or updates, anything of the sort I need for the game to run smoothly on it? Or IE for that matter?

I did just install chrome and it seems to be working perfectly.
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I am using firefox for nm and it never not worked. I have java and shockwave on my FF enabled and nothing else. IE never works, so dont bother.
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@ Mythosis
I once did something (maybe cleared cookies?) on FF and many web pages I went to had horrible formatting (which were not like that before). I am not sure how I fixed it (maybe cleared cookies... i'll explain), but things are normal again.

If I remember correctly I did a system clean up using some (legit) anti-virus software and I think that messed up the page format, then I cleared cookies (I cleared all types of cookies via FF's tabs) and things are working normal again. so try that (just by careful cause clearing cookies may erase other web games' data that rely on cookies!).
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