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Default Anno 1777

Hi all,
I already quit NM, just login to see whats new and sayhello to my friends in clan, so I was looking for new webbrowser game.
I found one, which me really surprised me. Its Anno1777. Probably you heard about "classic" PC games Anno (1404, 1503,new 2070), economic RTS. I loved Annos and played almost all. Now when I saw Anno1777 I tried it and this game enthral me.
Its game where you trade with real money. And when you do good bussines, you can withdraw your profit and send it on your bank account. Seems cool?
On the other hand, I will not lie you, if you dont do deposit with real money, it will take very long to get something, dont thing you will get in two months cash enough to withdraw. But that doesnt matter, its fun, its new and for me much funnier then seetlers where you just do same adventures and build wells and fields.
I recommend this game for you all, if you like (or liked) this game, probably you will like Anno too. Btw its 18+ game, so no kids.

And what is it about? Its about real economy from real world, on start you will probably work in company, 8hour shifts and getting daily salary. You can fight with other players and getting bonuses from wins. If you got money, you can start new company. You can produce meals, wine, clothes and so on. Or you can start a bank, play on market with company shares, getting bonds after and so on. You can publish newspapers and write articles and getting money from it. There plenty of opportunities.
And one more advantage, you dont have spend in the game few hours if you dont want to. You can just once a day go to work and claim bonuses from goverment and go offline. No penalty like farms doesnt have fields and they are not producing!

Thats enough from me on first post, if you are interested try it! Write me for info or what you want, dont forget to read help, on start you will not understand a single thing there.
If you use my nick there, GEBIKCZ, I will get small bonus and I will be really happy. If you dont use it, the small bonus will get random player in this game. So thx all who will help me.
My nick in Anno is gebikcz, feel free to write and ask me about everything.

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I saw, few ppl tried it. Once again, feel free to write me, I will gladly help you with start and information.
Few things what you shoudl do when you register
Your country will be country where you live - depends on IP address
Look at your country bonuses, if your bonuses are bad (no attack bonus, low work bonus), you shoudl find new island. There are plenty of private islands in game. On bottom left menu, click on private island, sort with work bonus and look where you want to go. I amin greenland, if you dont know, not sure whats good, come to greenland too:)
On greenland pages (you find it in private islands) click on "get citizenship".
Then go to home site and click on change region, find greenland and go to capital city NUUK. Travelling will take 24 hours.
Analogy with another private island, just find their capital city, on their island page, in section regions, the region with star is capital city.
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