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yeah i will miss the anime to its a pitty they couldnt have just put in some fun fillers instead since the FT ones are normally good when they rarely have them *shrugs* oh well guess i will have to endure

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Originally Posted by thndrkiss View Post
Better than watching stupid fillers.. I hope they will take one or two years to come back so we can enjoy it without any fillers.
You can forget that :) I'm pretty sure there will be fillers every once in a while even when they come back.
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Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
The anime has stopped for now, so the manga can get ahead....Q_Q
Amm nope, the contract ended. And there will be no anime anymore...

The series ended on March 30, 2013.[3] However, days after that annoucement, i.e., on March 4, Mashima announced on his Twitter account that the anime would not end yet, and that reruns of the anime will begin airing on TV Tokyo under the title Fairy Tail Best on April 4, 2013.[4]
until someone gives them some money to continue...
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Well it is a Kodansha series, so the biggest publication company in Japan isn't short for money, The problem was that it wasn't generating enough ad revenue. FT was on at 10:30 on Saturday mornings which is a prime time slot and it's a series that isn't showing up in the weekly ratings. The remastered reruns of One Piece rated higher than the finale which still didn't show up for that week.

Even though FT shows up 5th in overall manga sales for 2012, the highest an individual volume placed was 36th with just under 600k copies sold so even if box set sales don't truly represent popularity, volume sales do since not all anime fans will pay $80-100 for a couple episodes but can afford $10 for volumes. Kodansha is taking the same route Shogakukan took with Kenichi and bundling OVA's with the volumes from now on, so in June there will be an OVA that should continue part of the current arc. The volumes will cost $10 extra now but the OVA you get with the volumes will have a much higher production value, depending on the profit margin they may put it back on air since Kodansha owns a television station, but if they make roughly 6 million dollars an episode, they probably won't.
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After today's chapter - Please, start making the anime again! We have to catch up. FAST!
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Totaly missed this thread, anyway I miss this anime!
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It's a bit sour that the anime had to end so far into the storyline - I mean, it had all but caught up with the manga. On the other hand, the series has become so predictable and repetitive that I've lost a lot of interest. Nakama power is imba and all that.

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Not reading manga, so had no idea about that. Going off this thread to avoid being spoiled. If they ever release more Fairy tail anime again.
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